Bonus video available with purchase of "Mobility for Life" video: 
Day in the Life video series + Male Health & Vigor video (on request)
This video includes really good, more specialized routines, shot outdoors in Port Townsend. My hope in putting these videos together is that the routines are as a big a help to you as they are for me.
How can this video help you?
  • A valuable example from a guy who’s been doing mobility for years to help you form your own individual routine
  • Unique commentary and practice not shown in any of Steve’s other videos
  • A system of aligning yourself with natural cycles of the day to maximize health and good feelings
  •  Routines for shoulder health, digestive health and intense application for constricted fascia
  •  All these can be done in an ordinary park or playground and no special equipment needed—the Steve Maxwell promise
Starting from the time I was a teenager, I’ve had a keen interest in health and fitness. 

The impetus behind this was to improve myself for competitive wrestling. Later, my goals were: my appearance, i.e. big muscles and symmetry

For the last 25 years, my concerns have been primarily health and well-being. 

The above is the normal evolution for every young man and woman; most start out with training for better looks, then later, they think about performance, and finally, health usually becomes a priority.
It is my sincere belief that health should always form the foundation and philosophy of your training, and that your performance is secondary, and that once health and performance are in alignment, that your genetic potential for physical aesthetics will manifest. 

There are thousands of healthy practices you can do, and the analysis can be overwhelming; you can go crazy trying to do everything. 

There are wonderful health routines from all over the world. 

What I’ve done here is consolidated and synthesized a general routine from multiple disciplines in a time-efficient ....

It’s really easy to skip some of this stuff, and I’ve found that if I simply bound out of bed each morning, that I often forget or neglect the energetic work. 

I created an in-bed routine that takes care of eye, ears, nose, throat, digestion, and the glandular system. 

While there is more than one right way to do things, I’ve chosen techniques that are practical and work well for me. My hope in putting these videos together is that the routines are as a big a help to you as they are for me.
Morning Routine
Why in bed?

The most important reason is that I found myself skipping my routines. Once I got upright, I’d get distracted or preoccupied with the day’s business. 

I like to take my time before arising in the morning and I like to do a meditation and visualization before any physical movements. The shift between sleep and wakefulness is the ideal window to make an impression upon the subconscious mind with positive thoughts. 

After the meditation, and opening the eyes, I find that the gentle exercises create a high-quality alertness which carries over during waking hours.

It’s convenient and time-efficient and helps maximize the gentle time between sleep and waking to set yourself up for a day with positive outcomes. 

These 23 minutes really set the tone. 

The first part of the routine are simple: 
exercises addressing eyes, ears, tongue, and throat. 

Next are fingers, wrists and ankles. 
People forget the importance of ankle mobility; the ankles are the shock absorbers of the body, and lack of ankle mobility is the chief cause of an inability to squat. 

Next is abdominal massage...
... to aid digestion and elimination, then an extra sequence of male genital massage to keep the equipment in good order. (This video is by request-only, with purchase)

I have derived great benefit from the exercises in this little routine, and I hope you will, too. 
A brief sequence of mental awareness and gentle physical movements done in the time between sleeping and fully waking. The effects of the exercises are subtle and cumulative. 

Outdoor Mobility Sequence
Every morning, I like to go out-of-doors--even in inclement weather--to do my mobility routine. I love the fresh morning air, and hopefully, sunshine.

That said, I have done my routine indoors, when traveling in big cities with no practical outdoor spot. 

The point is that I do it regardless. Only in extreme circumstances, like overnight flights or train rides, do I not do it, and even then I will get something going during the day--and there is always the bed routine. 

There are hundreds of exercises you can choose from, and I’ve selected those exercises that work best for me. Also, I change up my routines. Some days I am looser or tighter, or nursing a particular ache or pain. 
This is a general routine, done outdoors, that is included in this video set as an example and includes some commentary not available in my other videos. 

This is not the definitive mobility video in my catalog—that is the studio set

Still, this has some good qualities, and the setting is inspiring, which is why we’ve included it. 
Railing Routine
The rail should be smooth, with no hard edges, and approximately waist-high. A larger diameter is more comfortable, though I have used plenty smaller-diameter rails with good effect, although less comfortable.
One of the highlights of this series is that I share a technique I learned from a systema expert, which is interaction with a standard railing. I jokingly refer to the railing as “the Doctor” because it will cure what ails you. 

An immediate benefit I noticed is that my elimination is vastly improved. The railing encourages excellent and thorough bowel movements. 

Anyone suffering from constipation will appreciate the organ massage from the pressure of the railing on the abdominal cavity. 

Another benefit is a marked increase in spinal mobility from rolling across the railing with full body weight (or whatever amount of pressure you can endure in good humor).
This is a practical application and I like it more than foam rolling. It can be a shock at first, but you will adapt ways to move into it and adjust the pressure and become your own expert. 

The railing will break up constricted fascia in places that would never occur to you. It requires a lot of spinal movement to do, and this is a benefit in itself. You are forced to relax and maintain your poise to get through this and this skill will carry over to your day-to-day activities. 

What I’m saying is that it is not pleasant, and in fact, it is at first an unpleasant shock... Still, it is worth it to develop this beneficial practice and those of you who keep it up will not regret it. 
Hanging Routine
In this segment I demonstrate the number one pain reliever I recommend for all shoulder ailments. 

This routine is based on the book by John Kirsch and is easily researched. I’ve found that consistently hanging in short intervals throughout the day significantly improves my own shoulder discomfort. 

It was not always easy for me to find a convenient bar, so I wasn’t able to keep it up as much as I would have preferred. 

I recommend you to get or install an easily accessible bar if you don’t already have one. 
One of the modern scourges is the alleged low-testosterone counts. Many men panic at the thought of experts telling them they are losing their virility and manhood and they run off to the doctor for testosterone replacement therapy at the drop of a hat. 

I am against any kind of messing around with hormones and hormone replacement—despite what anyone tells you, it seems to me that the medical experts don’t know that much.

I’ve traveled around the world studying various health practices and one of the things that attracted me is some of the Tao-ist approaches to health and longevity. This is a modified routine from a much more complex and time-consuming sequence I was initiated into. 
You can do this routine in under 10-minutes. 
The most important part is the visualization at the end. (Of rising energy)

Some positive results I’ve noted are:

- Renewed interest and sexual desire
- Better stream when urinating
- Firmer erections
- Better orgasm and ejaculation
- More forceful, satisfying climax

I tried to think of ways to demonstrate these techniques, and so I created a phallus and testicles out of a sock; there is no nudity in this video, although there is frank discussion of male anatomy.

This video is for men of any age—although teenagers are not good candidates because of the temptation to masturbate. While the moves may feel pleasurable, it is not meant as a masturbatory practice and this is more appropriate for mature men of forty-plus as a health discipline. 

Steve thanks Stanley Tam for his time and guidance, explanations, demonstrations and friendship.
Disclaimer: Steve is not a doctor, nor expert in anything but himself. Steve openly shares his own practices for people who ask him for the “secret” of his own good health, vigor, and positivity. Some of this information is quite personal and Steve appreciates that some people do not want to receive male-anatomy-specific video files or details, and so you must effectively request this video file on order form. - All Rights Reserved - Return Policy - Privacy Policy