Steve Maxwell's Isometric Three-Ways
One potent package, 3 Intense & Unusual workouts
- For people who want a super-efficient, super-safe, super-effective workout

- For maintaining an extremely high level of strength, without any danger of injury

- For a maximal workout without wear and tear on the joints
Isometrics your, two others!
Steve Maxwell’s Isometric Three-Ways includes:
Video #1: Big 6 *plus* 
The Big 6 is the way to go for the time-leveraged, featuring timed-static contraction exercises (featuring the Forearm Forklift) which will give you everything you need, as far as strength and hypertrophy. A completely unrehearsed workout, with a real client, doing real work, in real time. On screen timer so you can follow-along at home.

"You can maintain an extremely high level of strength without any danger of being hurt whatsoever; you can push really hard, but because there’s no mechanical work, ninety-nine percent of the danger of hurting yourself is completely out of the equation."-- Steve Maxwell

“The Big 6 will hit every major muscle group 
and give you everything that you need”
No glamour involved. Just 30-minutes of honest effort.
You can train hard, but keep it simple. 
Just do what Steve tells you for 30-minutes and get good results
“… an amazing Timed-Static Contraction (TSC) workout 
using only a table and a chair.”
Video #2: Seated Stationary 
Go into the back room with Steve and enjoy an intense and unusual strength workout. This exercise program is for anyone who has:

1. mobility issues
2. been injured
3. is confined to a limited space

You don’t need a strap, or any type of equipment whatsoever. 

"This exercise program is for anyone who has mobility issues, who has been injured--but you don’t have to be busted up to get a lot of benefit from this workout!—it’s good for anyone—but it’s particularly good for anyone with mobility issues, elders, and so forth. If you’ve ever been trapped in a hotel room, or snowed in--just jonesing for a workout--it’s a good substitute."  -- Steve Maxwell

Steve Maxwell’s injury-proof training
Follow along with Steve and get a fantastic full-body workout 
in 30-minutes no matter who, what and where you are. 
Video #3: Introducing Yogametrics
A more dynamic program of classic yielding isometrics combined with yoga postures. Especially good for people in jiu jitsu that need a combination of strength, endurance, cardio, and mobility, or anyone who enjoys a yoga-style workout.

"You can add to this workout, or subtract…hold the poses longer, or shorter; there are modifications, but basically, anyone, of any age, can benefit fro this type of exercise." -- Steve Maxwell

“A complete upper-body / lower-body workout using classic yoga poses.”
The reviews are in...
"... anybody who follows Isometric strength training method will get the best results, without getting injuries... "
"Big 6 Plus, is an Isometric Workout Video for Strength Development. Main focus is on Strength Development in Six Major Movement Patterns and Ancillary Muscles. The best thing you will see is how to use Forearm Forklift Straps to develop great strength. You no more need fancy and expensive straps with big brand names to get a good Isometric Strength workout. This low-tech high-effect forearm forklift will do all that for you, and it is available at any neighborhood hardware store. I myself use them as I found them more reliable and easy to carry anywhere. As Steve emphasises always on developing strength in Neck, Torso, Forearm, and Calf, the video is filled with his best selected exercises and guidance to develop the strength in these areas. For sure, anybody who follows Isometric strength training method will get the best results, without getting injuries regardless of your age, health condition, or fitness level."

-- Agha Khurram Shah
"If you are short on time, no worries, this workout can be done anywhere... "
"Coach Steve’s Big 6 Isometric workout is perfect for people like me, who are crunched for time. Between a hectic law enforcement schedule, family obligations, and jiujitsu class, I sometimes struggle to get out to the gym. If you are short on time, no worries, this workout can be done anywhere with a forearm forklift strap or your jiujitsu belt. As I get closer to 50, I really appreciate this type of intense, but joint-friendly training. Thanks Coach!"  

-- Mike Palinkas
"This new Steve Maxwell video may be his best.... "
"This new Steve Maxwell video may be his best. You can do a full body routine with just your body, a strap and a chair. For those who are on the road, pressed for time, working around injuries, or just want a great exercise routine, this one covers it all. The cardio-pulmonary system is also taxed with this series of exercises, making it time-sparing. In addition, there are bonus exercises--most have not been seen before--which work the neck, forearm, feet, and anterior tibialis. I highly recommend this video for anyone who wants a safe and effective way to work the entire body. Steve, thanks again for your great ideas."

-- Steve Fink

"This builds mental AND physical strength while keeping you completely injury free... "
"I’ve been training under Steve for over a year. It took me a while to understand how a routine can be this hard and this effective can look to an observer like you’re doing practically nothing. This builds mental AND physical strength while keeping you completely injury free.” 

— Mike Casey

" I recommend everyone to challenge themselves with this training system... "
When Coach Steve first sent me a list of yielding isometric training exercises to do for the first time, I was skeptical. "Only 90 seconds each?", I said to myself. Wow, what a deception. With just 6 to 7 exercises, done in less than 20 minutes, my whole body felt the effects of this brutal but awesome training system. I am experiencing the benefits of the isometric training in my performances on the mat, my law enforcement career, and my overall health. I recommend everyone to challenge themselves with this training system. 

-- Minjoo Kim


What if I don't have Forearm forklift?

You can use a yoga strap, Jiu jitsu belt, loading strap, daisy chain, flexvit band has a good strap—do not use a stretch-y strap. 

Can videos be downloaded and/or streamed?

Yes, both options available. 

Can videos be downloaded and/or streamed?

These videos are sold as a bundle of Isometric three ways. 

You can mix and match videos for a solid program that you can have confidence in and use to good effect for many years. 
The combination videos also demonstrate the difference between timed static contraction and yielding isometrics—an important distinction that Steve says is worth learning.

What if I never done training like this before? Is it good for beginners?

Absolutely—it’s the safest modality to start with. 

Which of 3 videos is best for me to start with?

Either Big 6*plus* or Seated Stationary. There is a good explanation of process in Seated Stationary video at 1:40 - All Rights Reserved - Return Policy - Privacy Policy