Steve Maxwell’s Gym Workouts Set
“People that bad mouth machines don’t know what they’re talking about; they don’t know how to use them.” - Steve Maxwell
How to take care of yourself in the gym...
Most clubs and gyms have machines, barbells and dumbbells, but very few people know how to use them properly, that is, without damaging or injuring themselves. 

Steve has long-wanted to make these videos, and help people gain knowledge about the benefits of machine training. 

Steve demonstrates great efficiency and shows you how to create the necessary level of effort for a potent training effect without having to heft a heavy weight.

The Machine Workouts
Steve has long wanted to make these videos to help people gain knowledge about the benefits of machine training.
Do you want a course in Steve’s school of machine training?
  •  Principles of machine training
  •  Anatomy of a rep
  •  Upper-lower turnaround
  •  Slow speed/high-tension
  •  Breathing
  •  The three most important factors of strength training
  •  The single most-important factor in strength-training 
These videos are shot in real time at real gyms and the effect is like being at the gym with Steve.
“I really enjoy machine workouts. For years I did machine workouts; it’s actually something I could do again--get a part-time job in a gym. It’s part of my nature; I just like coaching people. “
Steve Maxwell
  •  How to recruit ALL types of muscle fibers
  •  Training for explosivity
  •  Why the calf-raise is a first-rate warm-up
  •  The mammalian panic reflex and urge to unload
  •  How to sequence the hip & thigh exercises for maximum efficiency
  •  The forced rep—when and why
  •  How to discern the good from the bad machines…and alternative exercises for the bad machines
As usual, Steve’s latest video, Machine Workouts, is loaded with Steve’s casual, knowledgeable commentary,, insights, and helpful tips. This video was a somewhat spontaneous project, as in, Steve decided that morning he wanted to put Petar through a machine workout--and shoot it--and Steve’s enthusiasm only increased throughout the day, as you will see.
Why these exercises?
“Listen: there are dozens of exercises you could do; I’m just trying to give you what’s available at most commercial gyms.”
Steve Maxwell
As Steve says, there are dozens of possible exercises--along with their variations. For this video, Steve has selected exercises that are efficient, safe, and widely available at any given gym. 

Hear about Steve’s love and admiration for the 45-degree back-extension machine
“Probably the only lower-back exercise that you actually need.” -- Steve Maxwell

The Leg-Extension—not just dynamic!
“I defy someone to rehabilitate a knee without a knee-extension machine” —Steve Maxwell

The Lat Pull-Down--mind the grip
A powerful move and Steve shows you how to get it just right.

“I would like to see someone rehabilitate knees without a leg-extension machine…damn near impossible.” Steve Maxwell
The Barbell & Dumbell Workouts
I can give a person a great body weight/barbell/dumbbell workout and they can get out of the gym in under 30-minutes—in some cases, under 20 minutes. - Steve Maxwell
Steve’s Barbell & Dumbbell Workouts presents general strength training to improve your overall strength & hypertrophy to be better at your preferred physical activities.
“If you’re doing it right, you don’t need a heavy weight; too many guys get hung up on the weight and that’s how you get hurt. You can get brutally strong by using light weights and manipulating the strength curve so that those light weights create effort. It’s all about effort—not about reps, not about weight—it’s how hard you’re working on each exercise... and you’ll send that signal to your body--you’ll tap into that survival mechanism—and your body will create a training effect.” 
Steve Maxwell
“It’s never necessary to go explosive; you’re not going to make yourself more explosive on the playing field. Your general strength training, you want to be slow, and high-tension.”
Steve Maxwell
“I like to train hard, but I like to train smart, and I like to train safe.” 
Steve Maxwell
Steve personally demonstrates:
  • Barbell Deadlift
  •  Barbell Bench Press (the first in 20 years!)
  •  Weighted Push-up
  •  Dumbbell Chest Fly
  •  Dumbbell Goblet Squat
  •  Dumbbell Shrug
  •  Barbell Bicep Curl
  •  Barbell Wrist Curl
  •  Neck Extension with harness
It really is the best way to train for anyone, athlete or not.
Steve’s Barbell & Dumbbell Workouts presents general strength training to improve your overall strength & hypertrophy to be better at your preferred physical activities.

“This is not for setting a PR in the bench [press]; this is for working your pecs.”—Steve Maxwell

Any weight training—even if done poorly—is going to give you results; the problem is, it’s unsustainable for a lifetime.” —Steve Maxwell

“The old ‘go heavy or go home’ crowd…you don’t see too many of those guys once they reach 50…and certainly not at 66.” — Steve Maxwell

FREE Bonus: The Sprint Protocols
If you are doing proper strength training, then you are already getting many of this advantage, but if you simply love to run, this is a good program to supplement your training and thrive on. - Steve Maxwell
A very effective way to do sprint-work!
Sprint work is a potent activity benefiting the cardio-respiratory system and revving up the mitochondria.

As little as 6-minutes a week of sprint training can do amazing things for the powerhouses of your cells.

The reviews
WOW! Just an incredible workout video! I think anyone whether an athlete or just a person working out for general exercise, this video should be mandatory to watch and learn, The one thing I really like about Steve's downloads is he stresses safety and doing the exercises correctly, I learned a couple of new things watching this video,that I didn't know about,always learning something new from Steve,when you watch his downloads which is great! No 5 star rating here, 10 stars in my book!

I just finished the barbell and dumbbell video, another great video! I like how Steve showed how to add weight to your shoulders when doing weighted push ups, as well as other great things he showed. Doing the exercises slow and safe, I also like the 1 set per exercise maximum effort that Steve does at 60 yrs old and some injuries from yrs of sports and lifting, these are the perfect videos for me, Hands down. Thank you so much! Another 10 star rating for this video!! They are both perfect videos!!
- Dean Henry
Machine workout was my first workout when I started to train. Meantime I tried many different methods and protocols. Also Steve's bodyweight routines with slow reps & isometrics. I like bodyweight, but I also like weights and machines. So i mentioned that to Steve and he took me to the gym to show me "real machine workout". I thought I know how to use machines, but after Steve showed me proper use and technique I realized I don't know. Machine workout with this method is amazing. It's hardest thing I ever did and it took only 17 minutes of workout. After that I was done with training for next few days, what is great, because it saves a lot of time for busy person as I am. I recommend tihs to anyone who would like to do hard workout, feel every muscle and amazing pump in muscles while still doing safe, sustainable and time saving workout.
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