Mobility for Life Series
An excellent method to preserve a youthful attitude and movement-ability
By practicing the exercises in this video you can...
... improve your mobility
... maintain your current mobility
... even restore lost mobility
... reduce pain of immobility
Steve Maxwell says: “Even after a half-century of combat sport and martial art, and with many injuries, my mobility has kept me in the game of life. There are many styles of mobility, from many sources, and I’ve put together a video of the practices I’m currently doing and the movements I feel are most beneficial.

While this routine is targeted toward people over fifty, it is beneficial for people of any age, whether athletes or non-athletes.”
Special features
Steve blends traditional Russian-Slavic health system with qi gong and yoga.
Two videos: a course in mobility
One video is a tutorial explaining the exercises and basic form, and the other video is follow-along with Steve demonstrating a typical routine. The follow-along mobility routine is a general example, and Steve encourages you to develop your own individual routines. 

Steve blends traditional Russian-Slavic health system with qi gong and yoga.

Maintain your joint integrity and body happiness with Steve’s enthusiastic model of healthful mobility.

This mobility program does not replace proper strength training--it is a supplement--and, because it is gentle, can be done every day. Steve has very specific ideas about proper strength training and considers it the single most-important action for preserving the physical body.
Modern people must make choices to move around more, because most of us are seated for many hours each day, and the body actually forgets how to move, and the tissues can tighten and constrict, causing discomfort and compromises.

Physical injuries and general wear-and-tear are cumulative and, over the years, people find they are unable to do the simplest of actions, like standing up from a chair, or getting out of a low car.
Who should buy this?
Any person over fifty, and anyone who wants to keep him or herself fit and mobile for a lifetime.

There are no complex movement patterns in these videos, and nothing extra-strenuous, but it all adds up to a holistic routine with synergistic benefits.
How does this video set differ from the previous videos?

Steve has refined his ideas over the last 10 years and he no longer thinks you need to get into each mini-articulation, but better to reinforce more general natural and practical patterns.

In short, this series is an updated routine from the first Joint Mobility series Steve released about 10 years ago, reflecting Steve’s current ideas.

A package of health promoting material Steve has found helpful over the decades.

“Many of my peers with whom I competed in combat martial art during the 1960s and
1970s have not fared so well over time. I attribute the fact that I’ve have no joint
replacements, nor any surgeries at all, to my dedicated, regular mobility routines.

I’ve definitely slowed down and stiffened somewhat, compared to my peak athletic
years but, when I think of my aged relatives (and thus, my genetic and social heritage) I
feel like a superman; so it is not in my genetics to be more mobile than the average guy.

And, I also attribute the fact that I’ve no need for hormone replacement therapy, that is, I
have no deficiencies, to my early morning routine and certain specific exercises.”
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